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The Man Within has ratings and reviews. Sophia said: The story of Taber (one of the first breeds we met) and Roni is re-released with a new se. In uscita il 22 marzo per la Leggereditore “Istinto Animale” di Lora Leigh, secondo romanzo della serie paranormal romance rigorosamente per. Recensione: Istinto animale di Lora Leigh. Ho atteso di poter leggere questo libro per vedere se l’ impatto sarebbe stato equivalente a quello.

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Number of sex scenes: See more like this. I love this series so far.

Unfortunately, a traitor within his family rips them apart and the pain of their separation keeps this mated couple istlnto in need. Like, too many weird metaphors and too much describing things in detail.

But it still pissed me off as Taber was such an awesome mate! Even though I really liked The Man Within, and it has definitely lora leigh istinto animale a place on my keeper shelf, there were animal few things I thought could have been better.

I also appreciated that the misunderstanding that had kept Taber and Roni apart for three years did not drag out for the entire book, but was lora leigh istinto animale about halfway through.

I had my toes curling in all the right places!


His dominating presence is not enough to bring her to her knees however, because this time, Roni is going to settle for nothing less than his heart and his soul. Amazon Business Service for business customers. Get to Know Us. We just lost some of the squishiness that I felt held a little too much information. Hurt feelings are all over the place, but Taber still loves Roni and her safety is priority one – along with showing her she belongs to him, that is.

If I had started this series from the very beginning, I doubt I would have continued with it. Roni did have a softer side though, and it was when she was letting it show through that I liked her the most.


In this book the Breed Colony has been set up in Virginia, after they have gone public with their hopes of freedom and safety elevated. Safety is just about perfect for this book as they mate for life! No longer in hiding, the Breeds are now known to the public and living in their own compound, but are still in grave danger from their creators and extremist groups.

View all 16 comments. I will be reading one more but just because It is about the only character who has been active and develop in the first 2 and my curiosity needs to learn what will happen with her, but that’s it for me with this series, not one more book,LOL.

It continues the fascinating story of a group of humans who were cruelly treated as science experiments when their DNA was mixed with that of various predatory animals in an attempt to create the perfect soldier. The Kentucky town where the Feline Breeds were residents for years has become a media circus and tourist attraction, and s What another Hot and fantastic read from Lora Leigh in the Breed Series!

Almost cheesy at times. Don’t have a Kindle? Breeds 1 – 10 of 23 books. I would be extremely incline to read more about this, as to know the rest of the characters better.

Fortunately their misunderstanding is resolved soon and now they just need to understand what mating frenzy is. The cats have had the same horrific experiences in the labs as the wolves in Aiden’s Charity did can’t understand how those scientists can miss the comparison between themselves and the Nazi scientists who experimented on twins, homosexuals and the mentally challenged.

Overall, he was just a very yummy hero, in my opinion. She was hot one minute and cold the next.

“The Breeds” – Lora Leigh

And here when the female is in heat the only way to stop it is when she get pregnant. Unfortunately his devotion was to an idiot. The Man Within left a few rather open-ended threads with some mystery still shrouding a couple of Roni’s long-lost relatives and who was trying to infiltrate the Breed compound, as well as the reveal of Sherra’s past, which really make me look forward to continuing this engaging and creative series soon.


I felt that there was more character and romance development with Taber and Roni. Because I don’t want to jump to the next couple. Books by Lora Leigh. According to Lora Leigh’s website, she wrote the Breeds series out of order chronologically and it has been printed by two different publishers, making the ordering of the books confusing to some readers.

Unfortunately after searching and searching I can’t find The man within in ebook form. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Jul 20, Julianna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It was nice to know that Roni had found someone like Taber to watch over her during those years. When her father becomes aware that Roni carries Taber’s mark instead of keeping his mouth shut all he sees is a chance to make money I hated ankmale father which turned out not to be her father.

Taber was very protective of Roni throughout those years too which I thought added a nice animalr. She stood up to him and didn’t let him bully her. Let’s put the smut aspect aside for a minute. Keep all animwle sex, but add more story too! I thought Roni was pretty likable too, as a young woman whose childhood istinyo been extremely difficult, having lost her mother at a young age, and grown up with a father who was more interested in where his next con and his next bottle were lora leigh istinto animale from than his little girl.

Really didn’t like it, in any way.