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12 Items ItemName: Lego Crocodile Locomotive, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy with instructions but without box 2 pins at one side broken at the motor. Home | LEGO | SYSTEM | Trains | 9v | Locomotives | – Crocodile Engine | Instructions. Instructions for – Crocodile Engine. o · Download a PDF of. LEGO Crocodile Locomotive Set Instructions. Theme: LEGO Trains. Set Number, BOID, Year Released, In 1 Wishlist.

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Instructions For LEGO 4551 Crocodile Locomotive

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The construction of the nose piece is tweaked slightly – unfortunately im at a lunik concert and dont have the pdf handy. Posted December 9, In the others it is three bricks high. Sign In Sign Up. Someone must be in the same boat as me, or can help me with this.

So the part with the 4×3 opening was from circa The last page of the peeron instructions should show the alternate build – it was a supplimental sheet. If you beed help on sunday pm me http: Thank you for the info!

If you beed help on sunday pm me. In some the space for the bricks which it sits over is 4 studs wide and two bricks high. And once the part was redesigned, here’s the supplemental sheet with changed instructions note also there is only 1 white plate I need to know how to build the train’s engine when it comes time to start putting the windows and doors on.


Already have an account? You are most welcome Why TLG redesigned this piece? It’s available in Eurobricks Bazaar There was only ever one mould in green. I bought this set used earlier this year and built it with no problem.

BrickLink – Set : Lego Crocodile Locomotive [Train:9V] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

Makes me want to find mine to see which part I have Posted December 11, I’ve got 2 of the and they were both 2 x 4’s. Sign up for a new account in our community. My wife and I are setting up the christmas tree, and I am rebuilding this Lego train that I have had since I was a kid to put under the tree.

Im not sure why there was a mould change; perhaps to make it more versatile?

Apparently, two versions of this train were released: Posted December 10, The large red piece? They sometimes made changes for instructiond known to us reason Help please, and happy holidays! The difference is in the large red window piece. Register a new account. I’m afraid I don’t fully understand the difference Thanks so much for your help!!

Instructioms versions of the 2 sets had the 3 brick tall opening Posted December 9, edited. Here’s the original build instructions Mine has part b. Do you know when they changed the mould from one to the other?


The switch from a larger opening to a smaller opening involved some other parts being needed for the set Anyway the difference is only apparent when building either or – and is easy to rectify. I’d like to better understand what the difference between the two. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a leto Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

I have both versions. Sign in Already have an account? Later after the part was redesigned to only a 2 brick tall opening, TLG likely continued to ship out the original earlier instructions, and just sent along a supplemental sheet to show the part change and the building instruction changes that went along with it.

Peeron is incorrect with regards to the green part of the dated train Posted December 8, It’s strange as onstructions sets were released inthere must be a good reason why they choose to make 2 molds?

Interesting, I’d always thought that the 2 x 4 cutout was for load n haul and the 3 x 4 cutout was only used on crocodile engine.

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