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Ficus macrophylla, commonly known as the Moreton Bay fig or Australian banyan , is a large evergreen banyan tree of the family Moraceae native to eastern. round_bl, round_br. Ficus villosa Blume. Family Name: Moraceae. Common Names: Shaggy-Leaved Fig, Villous Fig, Kelo. Shaggy-Leaved Fig,Villous Fig, Kelo. Previous · Next. Artocarpus teysmannii. Miq. Moraceae. + Synonyms. Artocarpus peduncularis Kurz. Common Name: Artocarpus teysmannii. Male inflorescence.

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Functional properties and utilization of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam seed starch from new species in China. Field observations and interviews were used to collect the data of 15 respondents. The newest generation of HES, tetrastarch, was believed to provide an efficient volume expansion without causing the side effects observed with former HES solutions.


Artocarpus teysmannii

Their rub fastness was a good dry and wet. Thus, the objective of the study was to carry out a nutritional assessment of a composite jackfruit breakfast meal comprising seeds and flesh. The breadfruit bar can provide an appealing and inexpensive gluten-free food source based on locally available breadfruit. The enzymatic determination of starch in food, feed and raw moraceas of the starch industry.

artocarpus altilis starch: Topics by

By it stood Thus, artocarpesin 1 may provide a potential therapeutic approach for inflammation-associated disorders. A Greek-English Lexicon Abridged ed. It was determined that the compost mixture T4 as a whole, has the greatest effect on the parameters of the seeds. Production of breadfruit powder has been an option to make easy its uses in various food processing. Heat treatment increased water ab Tumbuhan Berguna Indonesia II: We have developed a highly efficient in vitro plant propagation system to maintain, conserve, mass propagate, and distribute elite varieties of this important tree species.

Measurement of glucose and blood moracead levels in mice done 3 times ie 2 weeks after the adaptation period phase 12 weeks after administration of the oil phase 2 and 2 weeks after feeding cholesterol stage 3. The optimum ultrasonic assisted extraction conditions were: Its leaves and koraceae have been used for medicinal purposes. The artificial cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum MTCC using Artocarpus heterophyllus as sawdust substrate was optimized and free radical scavenging activities of the generated fruiting bodies were investigated.


Diabetes mellitus is one of the major endocrine disorders, characterized by impaired insulin action and deficiency. In addition, a combination of artocarpanone and norfloxacin altered the membrane permeability of MRSA. Traditionally, Artocarpus heterophyllus stem bark has been reputably used in the management of diabetes mellitus and its complications. The ethanol and water are the best solvents for the extracting phenols and flavonoids from the JFP. Full Text Available The increasing rate of mortality ensued from breast cancer has encouraged research into safer and efficient therapy.

All loci are polymorphic for at least one species. Karakteristik habitat dan populasi monyet hitam sulawesi Macaca moraveae Desmarest, pada beberapa tipe habitat di Cagar Alam Tangkoko, Sulawesi Utara Habitat characteristics and population size of black crested macaque Macaca nigra Desmarest, in several habitat types in Tangkoko Nature Reserve, North Sulawesi.

The result showed that fruits and seeds are part of of the cempedak trees, which is utilised for food. Chemical Modifications of Starch: Artocarpus heterophyllus shell powder was investigated in terms of its nutritional and biological potential. The results showed the crude extract of A. The optimal condition was validated through experiments and the observed value was interrelated with predicted value.

Hypoglycaemic action of the flavonoid fraction of Artocarpus Pregelatinized starch is widely used as a pharmaceutical aid, especially as a filler-binder. Australian botanist Dale J. Microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized from enriched genomic libraries of Artocarpus altilis breadfruit and tested in four Artocarpus species and one hybrid.

Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and probit regression model. Dispersal pathways of Artocarpus and its ancestors are proposed. The antibrowning effect was significantly better than samples treated with the extract 0.


This study aimed to reconstruct the phylogeny, estimate divergence dates and infer ancestral ranges of Artocarpeae, especially Artocarpusto better understand spatial karakteeristik temporal evolutionary relationships and dispersal patterns in a geologically complex region.

Banana starch and its products had higher resistant starch levels than those made with corn starch. Hasil pengujian pewarnaan pada tekstil menunjukkan bahwa pewarna alami kayu nangka dapat digunakan sebagai pewarna pewarna tekstil karena dapat memberikan hasil pewarnaan yang permanen. Scanning electron microscopy images revealed that starch -collagen films had a rougher surface compared to pure collagen films which became smoother upon heating.

Mechanical, barrier and morphological properties of starch nanocrystals-reinforced pea starch films. Effects of seed mass on seedling success in Artocarpus heterophyllus L. The optimum ultrasonic assisted extraction conditions were: Dalam penelitian ini bahan yang akan diekstraksi adalah kayu nangka Artocarpus heterophyllus lam dengan ukuran serbuk antara 35 mesh — 60 mesh.

Thermomechanical treatment of starch. To our knowledge, this is the first report of P. New South Wales Flora online.

The antioxidant capacity of jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. Effect of starch type and concentrations. Perdu ini biasa didapati di hutan-hutan hujan sekunder pada berbagai macam tipe tanah, hingga ketinggian m dpl.


Six fossil-based calibrations within the Moraceae family were used to infer divergence times. Cannabaceaeor the hemp family, karajteristik includes the 9 genera of the former family Celtidaceae, consists of 11 genera and about species.

The differential expression of starch metabolism-related genes and corresponding enzyme activities were responsible for starch accumulated before fruit ripening but decreased during ripening.