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Judith DeLozier – grew up in rural Oklahoma and is the only girl among 6 brothers. Judy went to the University of California, Santa Cruz to study anthropology. Judith DeLozier is een Amerikaanse NLP trainster en schrijfster in NLP. Ze was mede auteur van het boek Neuro Linguistic Programming Deel I. Judith DeLozier is a trainer and author in Neuro-linguistic programming. Her interests are in culture, anthropology and Gregory Bateson’s epistemology.

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Judith has been mainly responsible for bringing NLP to the area of transcultural competence, pioneering the application of NLP to the development of cross cultural skills.

One manifestation of this was the development of the Dancing S. In the book Turtles All the Way Down: How to start moving forward to some new previously unknown “territory” of delozied life, leaving behind your current zone of “pseudo-comfort” and finding chance to escape from those narrow borders, which as to you, perhaps, apparently, the destiny delivered to you.

Delozire you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential. As a student of Milton Erickson M.

Judith modeled his tracking strategy for creating and utilizing trance states and metaphors. Has been a trainer, co-developer and designer of training programs since After the training all the participants will get a Judith DeLozier personally signed certificate of participation of international standard, with your name and surname indicated in Latin characters.

But at the same time – our Self can in the twinkle of an eye become a powerful ally, making the achievement of the most incredible goals easy, enjoyable and exciting adventure.

The Bio of Judith DeLozier.

The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man. Judith DeLozier — grew up in rural Oklahoma and is the only girl among 6 brothers. You will be able to achieve such progress in career and success in business, which previously could only dream of, or envy another. We guarantee a top-quality English-Hebrew and English-Russian translation service during the seminar, as well as providing handouts in English, Hebrew or Russian languages per choice of the participants.

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How to enter into the state of uncertainty easily, experiencing changes; quietly pass through any transitional stages of your life, being inside and under the protection of the resourcefull “field” which will allow you to manage any changes in your life easily and consciously.


This training really changes you on a deep level, and you should be aware of this before coming to it. You will discover a resources that have not yet been involved and which may even had been no idea that they are available. You can register on-line using one of the following three options for your participation in the training are available for your choice now: What I realise about myself and how I actualise myself?

The city is located near Tel Aviv, in the valley under the name Sharon. People speaking all over Israel and far beyond the country. If you want to make pre-reservation and freeze the current cost in dollars please input only your Name and E-mail in the form below or if you have a questions in English how to book the seminar from outside of Israel, Russia and Ukraine, please input in the form below your Name, E-mail and Question. Payments and data security are main principles of our corporate policy.

In the book Turtles All the Way Down: You will be able to open up the inner sourse of energy of money and will allow it to come into your life. Netanya stretches along the coast and on the length of the beach area is superior to other places in Israel, even Tel Aviv.

No exaggeration to say that this is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. A co-author of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Vol. A student of Milton Erickson, Judith modeled his tracking strategy for creating and utilizing trance states and metaphors. judithh

You are not on your own path. We guarantee maximum payments and personal data security. The format of this training-workshop, which you can take part of, regardless of ddlozier level of NLP or even the absence of any personal experience in the field of NLPsuggests an active practical work of all the participants, performing solo and group exercises, as well as personal communication with Judith DeLozier as the leader of the workshop.

A leader in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Judith DeLozier | Neuro Linguistic Programming I

If you can dream it, you can do it! These group sessions evolved into what is now known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What usually stops us? We all want to make our dreams come true. The training format allows active practical work for all participants, performing individual and group exercises, as well as personal communication with Judith DeLozier. For example, in my dreams I dream to become a millionaire, but as soon as I immerse myself in these dreams, one thought was immediately comes to my mind, which spoils the beauty of my sweet dreams.


Find hotel near the venue.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Expert Judith Delozier

Our Identity or Self is truly an invisible brake, which can stop us or may impose restrictions on our lives, keeping us away from achieving the desired future, if the future “does not fit” to the our usual way of Self-actualization.

In the book “Turtles All the Way Down: The founding fathers of NLP from the very beginning were asking: In the book “NLP How to take any difficulty as a challenge and ddlozier face the inner boundary threshold – to find the limitations of existing capabilities in you or in your world map, and to overcome them.

How to get an entirely different level of influence on a person or system, and — as a result — to become a real juditn to your clients, employees, partners, being the one who possess unique skills judtih make a significant contribution to their life and work.

Passive Learning Formats Based on short informational units and teaching presentations Feedback from the the Trainer by Answers to questions of participants from the leader judity training workshop. How to get rid of your fears and limitations, realizing and transforming them in a safe environment and to move on into a state of uncertainty while experiencing changes.

Another is the creation with Robert Dilts of the processes of Somatic Syntax. Judy is a regular guest in Hong Kong.

We call these seminars “Star Seminars” because they show jjdith highest skill of outstanding masters of modern NLP, whose names have become legend. We are often willing to allow that someone else can be successful or rich, happy, loved. May 24, 1-day introductory seminar. Passive Learning Formats Based on short informational units and teaching presentations.

Judy is the co-author of a number of important NLP books. The main challenge is how “to switch” it from one to another!