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Interzone [William S. Burroughs, James Grauerholz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In William Burroughs settled in Tangiers. Interzone. William S. Burroughs, Author, James Grauerholz, Editor, James Grauerholz, With Viking Books $ (p) ISBN William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch. THE RECENT PASSING of Lou Reed resurrected the old quip by Brian Eno about the Velvet Underground.

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Good introduction to Burroughs. Burroughs was resolutely Not Impressed. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Interzone is divided into three distinct sections, the first of which being simply called Stories. Views Read Edit View history. Burrough’s notebooks, and chronicles his very bizarre passage towards becoming a very bizarre writer.

How many coffees in an hour?


A notable inclusion is “Twilight’s Last Gleamings”, written in in collaboration with childhood friend Kells Elvins, and widely thought to be Burroughs’ first attempt at fiction. Now Grauerholz is to be commended for gathering all this. The ultimate redemption story for a junky. Only by dispensing with any concept of ‘bad taste’ or self-repression could he liberate his writing instrument to explore interzohe landscapes of Earth and Space in his work written over the following thirty years.

I have long avoided Burroughs’ writing on account of a strong knterzone that I would not really appreciate it. Part 3 Word is more like what you get in Naked Lunch.

True, unlike Port’s wife Kit I didn’t encounter on board “a wild-faced man holding a weathered birroughs head”. Las identidades se disuelven antes de ser reestructuradas en un regreso a la sociedad.

Yet it’s hard not to worry about what may be lost amid these changes.

A clutch of credible transgressive stories in the Beat idiom and one slavering toxic outpouring of unreadable pizzle-jizzle in the Beat idiom. What do you expect from a guy whose sole preoccupation is finding a vein? Apr 29, Suzanne Roussin rated it it was amazing. In William Burroughs settled in Tangiers, finding a sanctuary of sorts in its shadowy streets, blind alleys, and lowlife decadence.

To take advantage of all LARB has to offer, please create an account or log in before joining What makes Burroughs final novels different from his earlier works is the surprising and surprisingly powerful appearance of a previously unknown elegiac mode, still wry and perhaps no less cynical, but for the first time inclined to come to terms with the fragile, transient nature of the human experience rather than interznoe mock and dismiss it. This one reminded me so much of naked lunch, its great.


Preview — Interzone by William S. The Word is divided into units which be all in one piece and should be so taken, but the pieces can be had in any order being tied up back and forth, in and out fore and aft like an innaresting sex arrangement. Buroughs insight into Burroughs’ journey as a writer from the precise, cool irony of Junky and Queer, to the hallucinatory vision of Naked Lunch. Some of these items ship sooner than the others.

The time that Burroughs spent living in Tangier was greatly influential in the development of his writing style and subject matter and so it is fitting that Interzone is the title of this excellent collection of his early short stories.

It is a number of connected — by theme — but separate short pieces. Interzone by William S.

Interzone by William S. Burroughs | : Books

Will I add the perfunctory disclaimer that Burroughs is a degenerate piece of shit to those future reviews as well? The Final Journals of William S.

Maybe it would be better in smaller dose I admit I did not finish this book. Retrieved from ” https: ANYWAY, rather than change the number of pages on the already existing entry, I’ve just made this new one – that way I can add the correct cover art for the edition I’m reviewing. My all-time favorite Burroughs book. Interzone features many of the characters an The Interzone is the International Zone in Tangier, Morocco where William Burroughs lived for a time after his accidental shooting of his wife while stupendously high caused him gurroughs leave Mexico in something of a hurry.

This continued into and throughout the second part, mainly consisting of “Lee’s Journals” including five subheadings to the journalbut also three slightly more separate pieces. A writer of vivid, hallucinatory prose works swimming willkam drug use, queer sex, and sci-fi viscera, Burroughs has always been an author whose name is dropped more often than his books are picked up.


You’ll then be redirected back to LARB. The iron-willed dictator is a thing of the past. His lips are thin and purple-blue like the lips of a penis, his eyes blank with insect calm. Read more Read less. The second section features extracts of the journal Burroughs kept during his drug years in Tangiers as well as letter to such personalities as Gins A good collection of early work by Burroughs. A stream of words in broken paragraphs, with a grammar that far too often defies grammar on levels of tense, subject—verb agreement, sentence structure, and complete sentences.

Burroughs has incredible insight and an unmatched knack for spotting a con. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The inetrzone outrageous tone of voice represents the exorcism of his four decades of oppressive sexual and social conditioning, and his closely-observed experience of mankind’s inexhaustible ugliness and ignorance.

Parts of it are fragmentary, but the best of the first pages are written in the straightforward semi-autobiographical style of his novel Junky, and give a compelling portrait of being down-and-out in Tangiers.

Joan Vollmer wife William S. But the purpose of the book, according to James Grauerholz, the book’s editor and Burroughs’s life companion from the 70’s onward, is to show Burroughs as an incipient writer.

This was supposedly the old haunt of Burroughs, Bowles and all the Beats who gathered around them during the notorious “interzone” period. It’s a place where, even if Ginsberg were expounding his theories on Buddhism at you, you wouldn’t feel bored. Steely Dan are named after a remarkable dildo from Yokohama that features in one of the most explicit sections of Naked Lunch.