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The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain (English and French Edition) [Comte De Saint-Germain, Manly P. Hall] on *FREE*. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is the only book attributed to the mysterious, supposedly immortal Comte St. Germain. The Trinosophia is an allegorical. THE RAREST OF OCCULT MANUSCRIPTS. PART THREE. PARALLEL FRENCH AND ENGLISH TEXT OF. THE MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA. PART FOUR.

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He told me that this liquid was the universal spirit of Nature and that if the wax of the stopper was pricked even so sUghtly, hoy whole of the contents would disappear. O my son, follow not in my steps. This was the last time Casanova ever saw St.

A hand seized me by the hair and lifted me toward the vault which opened to let me through. Je revis la lumiere, mais elle n’etoit pas assez vive autour de la salle noire, pour fatiguer mes yeux habitues a I’obscurite.

How long two years seem to one who spends them in suffering and humiliation.

Sans reproches sur le passe sans crainte sur I’avenir je continual ma route elle devenait de plus en plus penible. He received the following answer: As I approached the portals, I saw that teinosophia front was decorated with the figure of a butterfly.

The ease with which we condemn as fraudulent and unreal anything which transcends our understanding has brought unjustified calumny upon the names and memories of many illustrious persons. To one of the columns was attached a silver ax with a blue handle; it is called After reading the inscriptions I went up to the vessel and washed, first my hands, but finished by plunging in bodily.

As to the history of this remarkable manuscript, too Uttle, unfortunately, is known. One saw there, surrounded by two inscriptions, the figure of the sacred seal formed of a cross in four colours, attached to a golden crosspiece which upheld 2 two other concentric circles, the larger one being black, the other red.

The great verities by which the universe moves towards its inevitable identity with God were revealed. The Comte was ambidextrous to such a degree that he could write the same article with both hands simultaneously. The Zodiac is the great soul cycle and boly sun’s passage through the zodiacal symbols is the original from which the ancient priestcrafts derived the authority trinosohpia their sacred circumambulations. In discussion with Casanova, the Comte explained his presence in Belgium by stating that Count Cobenzl, the Austrian ambassador at Brussels, desired to establish a hat factory and that he was taking care of the details.


The alchemists tell us that a minute particle of the “Red Lion” can transmute into the purest gold a hundred thousand times its own weight.

Most Holy Trinosophia: Part One: The Man Who Does Not Die

In her excellent monograph, The Comte de St. Bob Johnson rated it really liked it Nov 23, Many of the illustrious personages with whom the Comte associated were high Masons, and sufficient memoranda have been preserved concerning the discussions which they held to prove that he was a Chaster of Ttinosophia lore.

The account of the initiatory ritual now begins. There is also a popular story to the effect trinosophi he placed gems worth thousands of dollars on the place cards at the banquets he gave.

Cooper-Oakley lists the more important names under which this amazing person masqueraded triosophia the years and He asked the Marquis for a silver six-franc piece and, covering it with a black substance, exposed it to the heat of a small flame or furnace.

With trinosopuia aid these two Monsters carry their foul breath even into the hearts of the Lord’s Elect. What occurred to his priceless collection of paintings and jewels after his death or disappearance is unknown.

Several interesting and amusing bits of information are available relative to the establishment which he maintained in Paris. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Most Holy Trinosophia

The waters of this lake, on the contrary, became ever clearer the closer I approached the shore. Each will discover in the writing that which he himself knows, he will interpret it according to that which he himself is, and he will apply it according to that trinoosophia he himself desires.

A yellow altar stood trnosophia me from which a pure flame ascended having no other substance for its alimentation than the altar itself Letters in black were engraved at the base of the altar. While I was examining the thrones, a trumpet sounded whereupon the doors of the hall toumerent sur leurs gonds pour laisser passer soix antedixneuf personnes, toutes vetues comme mon conducteur.

He found these various texts in different parts of Europe, no doubt, and that he had a true knowledge of their import is proved by the fact that he attempted to conceal some forty fragmentary ancient texts by scattering them within the lines of his own writing.


They ask me what are the proofs of my mission. The Phoenix Press,pg. Similarly, Aries typified the beginning of regeneration or the entrance of the soul into light at the vemal equinox of the philosophic cycle, while Pisces signified the completion of the sacred pilgrimage and the accomplishment of the Magnum Opus. The dungeon of the Inquisition is the sphere of man’s animal consciousness.

Une autre m’indiquait les moyens que je devois employer pour sortir de cette saUe. The Comte was on very friendly terms with Louis XV with whom he had long discussions on the subject of precious stones, their manufacture and purification. It is simply a malicious lie. For a few seconds he became rigid as a statue; his eyes, which were always expressive beyond words, became dull and colourless. By his wisdom he confounded the elders. In a self-published translation featuring parallel French and English texts, Manly P.

J’expliquai par quel art I’ame aux flancs d’une mere Fait sa maison, I’emporte, et comment un pepin Mis contre un grain de ble, sous I’humide poussiere; L’un plante et I’autre cep, sont le pain et le vin.

Ragon was termed by his contemporaries “the most leamed Mason of the nineteenth century”. Sometimes he recounted anecdotes of the court of the Valois or of princes still more remote, with such precise accuracy in every detail as almost to create the illusion that he had been an eyewitness to what he narrated. Yet who dares to deny that the mystical traditions endured, and, clothed p.

Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte De St. Germain

At last I saw a white marble platform to which I mounted by nine steps. After eighteen days I ascended the embankment by means of a white marble platform. In only a few instances are complete phrases written in the same alphabet; usually two or three forms of writing are employed, with letters written upside down, reversed, or with the text written backwards. I’edifice entier etoit batide Basalte noir depoU: