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Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Penguin Classics) [Georges Perec, John Sturrock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “One of the most . One of the most significant literary personalities in the world.”—Italo Calvino Georges Perec, author of the highly acclaimed. Georges Perec, author of th highly acclaimed Life: A User’s Manual, was only forty-six when he Species if Spaces / Especes d’espaces. (). For Pien e.

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Not that there was anything wrong with it in the first place. But if it’s not obstructed it doesn’t see anything; our gaze only sees what it hits; space is what obstructs our view, what our gaze hits, resistance Slaces will have you thinking deeply of your dining table, your home, your garden, your street, your town, and beyond. We can imagine well enough what a gustatorium might be, or an auditory, but one might wonder what a seeery might look like, or a smellery or a feelery.

Specise space, whether inner or outer, from the smallest microscopical pore in our skin to the entire galaxy, can only be defined by the philosophical, physical, corporeal or conceptual limits we put on it.

Not surprisingly, Perec is still very much Perec even outside of the confines and spcaes of fiction. It kind of reminds me of the Stuart Lee sketch about the family who leave London for the country and start by praising the pony and end begging for him to visit and to bring cocaine. I also loved that this ended with some of Perec’s impossible, also slightly problematic word games constructed for his friends, and a few from the translator.


Species of Spaces and Other Pieces. We sleep through our lives in a dreamless sleep. Despite a tragic childhood, during which his mother was deported to Auschwitz, Perec produced some of the most entertaining essays of the age. Once I was struck by Perec’s unconventional and enjoyable way of writing, I just had to read more. The bonus – a short story ‘The Winter’s Journey is also included, which is pretty darn good as well!

But, time is the enemy of space, and it has won this round. Why not set a higher value on dispersal? Small white gaps in-between words. Perec is noted for his constrained writing: Finally, Sturrock has a go at presenting Perec’s New Year’s puzzles — verbal games which he devised for his friends, which Sturrock notes were: Larger ones in-between paragraphs.

I was born on 7. Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

In short, spaces have multiplied, been broken up and have diversified. The book also offers the marvelous little literary story, The Winter Journeya clever book-tale frequently — and fairly — compared to Borges’ fiction.


La gente nelle strade: That explains the dog hair beneath and in-between the cushions. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces – Georges Perec – Google Books

I was also fascinated by his pieces on categorisation and memory, and what makes all this so enjoyable is his playfulness. I am almost annoyed at this stolen peek at them, because I loved this so much I shall have to go back and read all the rest. How could one write a book about that?

From there to the apartment. Species of Spaces and Other Pieces is a collection of Perec’s “non-fictional and occasional writings”. He approaches it from multiple directions, but almost none of them overlap with such work. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This makes me realize that I forgot one and probably many more more thing one can do on the couch: Is there anything that strikes you?