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David said: Simon Singh has the ability to present a story about a mathematics Singh starts with the roots of the famous Fermat’s Last Theorem, by recounting. Fermat’s Last Theorem has ratings and reviews. David said: I was really interested in reading this book after hearing about the problem in ano. Fermat’s Last Theorem Simon Singh and John Lynch’s film tells the enthralling and emotional story of Andrew Wiles. A quiet English mathematician, he was.

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Nope, the correct answer is to pass up the turn in the hopes that your first shot will get to be expended against only one remaining combatant. This book has This is the kind ,ast book that we non mathematical minds can easily digest and love. It would ultimately be more satisfying if the proof were a short elegant thing that didn’t involve latest groundbreaking discoveries in math.

It is a fascinating story of how the best minds could not figure out something that was done by Fermat such a long time ago. I mean, I’ve read about him before, but his story is just so crazy–math genius turned revolutionary thrown in jail involved in affair ends in duel, scribbles out his last thoughts the night before he dies Books by Simon Singh.

To prove the conjecture would allow incredible advances to be made.

I guess the author does a reasonable job. Chu Hansman rated it it was ok Feb 13, Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Speaking of solving the puzzle. La dimostrazione di quell’equazione banale fece perdere il sonno alle maggiori menti matematiche di tutto il mondo, che per anni si arrovellarono per trovare una soluzione.

Lists with This Book.

A mathematician finds a simple proof to what seems like a deceptively simple problem of mathematics – that pythagoras’s theorem only works if the terms are squared, and not if they are any other power up to infinity.

Put your hard earned cash into Andrew Morton’s pockets or read something that will make you feel like a genius. And, in his will he established a fund ofmarks to be given to the mathematician who first completes the proof of the theorem! So, here in Singh’s work I get a solid lay understanding not only of the p What a fun book this was sigh, Trevor, for the recommendation! This book describes the history of how a famous theorem was proved, without math formulas.


Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh – review | Tim Radford | Science | The Guardian

Communion Town Sam Thompson. To be able to read about complex Mathematics tehorem a story book style is something somon was possible only in this book by Simon Singh. Probably that’s just because it’s so bloody hard. Daria rated it it was ok Jul 20, It has the classic ingredients that Hollywood would recognise. Simply told yet interesting, the book captures the human drama fairly well, if repetitively. I enjoyed it, especially when the author found a common, understandable subject to explain parts of the problem.

Yeah, yeah I know the math is that bizarre that there isn’t much to compare it to – however, that is what I would have liked. But it’s much more than that, since the final proof of Fermat’s Theorem involves so many other math concepts. Simon Singh’s style of weaving a scientific concept into a beautiful story leaves no occasion for the fictional characters and plots.

When the problem is finally solved at the end of the 20th century the answer runs to pages of dense mathematical logic. Possibile che Fermat avesse trovato una dimostrazione a questo isngh Singh is successful in seizing reader’s undivided attention when he recounts the moment when the seed of this curiosity was sown in 10yr. However, somewhere during the middle to the end of the book, I found Wiles, as described by Singh, unlikeable.

Chintia Maharani rated it it was ok Apr 09, But don’t expect to understand how the proof actually works by the end. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Yesterday I finished reading Fermat’s Last Theorem. Fermat’s Enigma Reactions and 1 3 Feb 09, Apr 12, Jimmy rated it really liked it Shelves: Frey’s approach was basically used by Wiles.

Juerg rated it it was ok Mar 30, I’ve been thinking also about what attracts me to books on mathematical topics — the works by Martin Gardner, William Poundstone, and the various other authors in the company of whose thoughts I’ve had pleasure to spend a week or more. Simon converts what could have been a dry chronicle of proofs into an ode full of excitement, inspiration and intrigue worthy of a gothic love affair.


There are times when your best lat is to find a good math book. Much of the book describes how Andrew Wiles developed a growing interest in the theorem. With the other forty percent, I proceeded on faith.

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical Problem by Simon Singh

So, here in Singh’s work I get a solid lay understanding not only of the proof to Sihgh Last Theorem, but of much of mathematics and the lxst of mathematicians since the seventeenth century. And then, Ken Ribet showed that a proof of the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture would, in effect, be a direct proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Fermat had scribbled “I have a truly marvellous demonstration of this proposition … ” But did he really have an answer? While waiting for that time to arrive, he started to read about the failed attempts to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem. It is 26, a number distinguished hitherto only by being the number of letters in the Latin alphabet.

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical Problem

In that sense, it has the effect of a self-help book even without tr This book finds a way to narrate the chain of events from the time of Pythagoras to the final proof of Fermat’s last theorem by Andrew Wiles, entwining with it the key mathematical concepts presented in an accessible form and stories of the mathematicians who made those contributions. View all 8 comments. Here and in the lzst reaches of the universe.

The theprem material might be obdurate, but Singh makes the very best of it. Want to Read saving…. Nevertheless, a thoroughly enjoyable mathematical journey. Well, basically, this is it: