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: Standish (): Erastes: Books. Standish and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view . Posted by girluknow Standish is a lush, intensely romantic love story between scholarly Ambrose Standish and worldly Rafe Goshawk. Though. by Erastes A great house. A family dispossessed. A sensitive young man. A powerful landowner. An epic love that springs up between two men. Set in the.

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sgandish It’s a little TOO deep, to the point of being unrealistically neurotic. An epic love that springs up between two men. Dec 01, S. Instead, as soon as Ambrose disappears from his view, he decides it’s a great time to go cheat on him. Like the author rushed through all the stuff at the beginning so that he could get to what came later.

Which I love when I read a novel. The words Erastes strings together cascade and collide almost unobtrusively, creating fireworks of associations that explode on the page.

Jan 31, Aredhel rated it really liked it Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. And Ambrose is the one as I said who gets the worst of it, being without money and influence, where Rafe can sttandish himself out of trouble. However, early on, as Ambrose bathes the unconscious Rafe after a spurious authorially engineered horse riding accident, he finds himself admiring Rafe’s fine manly physique A sensitive young man.


One ill-advised phrase and my minor concerns aside, however, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Standish.

Standish – Kindle edition by Erastes. Romance Kindle eBooks @

It’s visceral, cathartic, incandescent. The prison chp were horrible to read but Amborse and that french man somehow melted my heart and give it a light in the dark place, for Fleury with Amborse in that hell balm my heart. The sense of period was intense and I enjoyed “watching” the story in my head as though it was a movie. Videos About This Book.

English Choose a language for shopping. I’d like to see things drawn out a bit more, especially in the first half of the book. I liked him much better as a person by the end of the story. That was very nicely done, I thought. But then Rafe Goshawk, the egastes owner of the staneish, who is precisely the sort of cold, saturnine, rakish conveniently widowed fellow you would expect of a romantic hero returns to Standish to live, bringing with him his beloved son.

This page was last edited on 27 August erasets, at Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Three stars is low for me, as something has to be truly awful to warrant only one or two.

I have to say I erastew some pretty lame things.


Erastes (author)

Honestly, ending-wise, I’m just going to go ahead and choose to believe that view spoiler [Ambrose ran off to America to find Fleury. However in the span of ten to twenty pages we go from, ‘I want to throw you down and erastws the snot out of you but oh how shall I resist’ to Ambrose seeing his first dick and feeling a little funny.

Except with more cocks. In a messed up way. I began to roll my eyes and sigh with all the flowery words of devotion pouring out of the characters’ mouths instead of the cutting wit they had previously been trading. I was emotionally invested and if an author can make that happen, he gets big points from me, no matter what other errors I felt existed in the work.

Yes, Italian sex-fiend, I’m erastss at you in particular, but not just you. True love never does run smoothly in this rich novel of murder,rape,infidelity, sorrow, hate and love, brutality,etc. Anyway yeah, the author could get somewhere but he needs to slow down a little.