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Ecclesia Gnostica .. Had the pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation. Wherefore do they appear to us more effective than indefinite Abraxas. At the bottom of it there is the dark Abraxas, the source and origin of everything. Jung says: “he represents the dominus mundi, the Lord of this physical world. 24, ), the Gnostic Basilides (died about ) gave the name of Abraxas to the . Numele Abraxas este asociat k fiozofia pagana si cea gnostica see you.

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Abracas is the sun, and at the same time the eternally sucking gorge of the void, the belittling and dismembering devil. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness, in the same word and in the same act. He beareth our word above to the Mother. God dwelleth behind the sun, the devil behind the night.


But the tree of life groweth with slow and constant increase through unmeasured time. Numberless gods await the human state.

The daemon of spirituality descendeth into our soul as the white bird. The celestial ones appear in spirituality, the earthly in sexuality.

Sax, AmunAbraxs, Abrasax; for thou art the moon, 25 the chief of the stars, he that did form them, listen to the things that I have?

Saidst thou not thyself, there is no profit in thinking upon the pleroma? There is yet one matter we forgot to mention.

Therefore we die in such measure as we do not distinguish. After Jung’s death inall access to the Red Book was denied by his heirs. No man, therefore, escapeth these daemons.

Abraxas Gnostic Gem, Obverse and Reverse. Therefore is it the one thing which is fixed and certain; because it hath qualities: Os celestiais expandem-se, os terrestres contraem-se. It does not seem to be of Hebrew origin, as there is no possible derivation or etymology for it a fact which in itself would be remarkable in view of the unchanged adoption of the names Adonai, Sabaoth, Eloe, and Iaonor has it maintained itself in Jewish lore, while names of God play as important a part in Jewish mysticism as they do in Gnostic-heathen-Jewish magic, the most important testimonies to which are the magic papyri.


Aramaicmeaning “Thou art our father”and also occurs in connection with Abraxas; the following inscription is found upon a metal plate in the Carlsruhe Museum:. As the older and much more frequent form of the word is Abrasax, this emendation is certainly a hazardous one. The gods are mighty and can endure their manifoldness.

Beginning in the ‘s Jung constantly wore a ring with a similar gem. Only in so far as he is definite and distinct is he creatura, and in like measure is he the manifestation of the effective fullness of the pleroma.

Jung repeatedly stated that the visions and imaginative experiences recorded in the Red Book contained the nucleus of all his later works. The god-sun xbraxas the highest good; the devil is the opposite. But no attempt to identify the figures on existing gems with the personages of Gnostic mythology has had any success, and Abrasax is the only Gnostic term found in the accompanying legends that is not known to belong to other religions or mythologies.

Therefore must we make distinctions gnostici qualities. We create them through thinking. Good gnostlco evil are united in the increase of the tree.

Created beings came to pass, not creatura; since created being is the gmostico quality of the pleroma, as much as non-creation which is the eternal death.


Near the end of his life, Jung spoke to Aniela Jaffe about the Septem Sermones and explained “that the discussions with the dead [in the Seven Sermons] formed the prelude agraxas what he would subsequently communicate to the world, and that their content anticipated his later books. Sexuality engendereth and createth. Jung’s first mandala drawing, inspired by the VII Sermones. As much as they force you, so much is communion needed, more is evil. Some parts at least of the figure mentioned above are solar symbolsand the Basilidian Abrasax is manifestly connected with the sun.

Abraxas Magazine n 4 | IGA Sede Mundial

If we are not true to this nature we do not distinguish ourselves enough. This is his one guiding god. But we have no share thereof, as we are from the pleroma infinitely removed; not spiritually or temporally, but essentially, since we are distinguished from the pleroma in our essence as creatura, which is confined within time and space.

This word is usually conceded to be derived from the Hebrew. While it would be rash to assert positively that no existing gems were the gnstico of Gnostics, there is no valid reason for attributing all of them to such an abraxass. Isaac de Beausobre properly calls attention to the significant silence of Clement in the two passages in which he le the Christians of Alexandria on the right use of rings and gems, and the figures which may legitimately be engraved on them Paed.