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Ecarin is a snake venom (Echis carinatus) that directly activates prothrombin to meizothrombin This action is not dependent on phospholipid membranes and . Genus: Echis. Species: carinatus. Common Names Small in length, cylindrical and moderately slender bodied snake with a very short tail. Can grow to a. The saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) is one of the principal causes of snake bites in India. For the Haffkine Institute, these snakes are procured for their venom.

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The top of the head has a whitish cruciform or trident pattern and there is a faint stripe running from the eye to the angle of the jaw. Hematemesismelenahemoptysishematuria and epistaxis also occur and may lead to hypovolemic shock. Southwestern Arabian Peninsula western Yemen.

WCH Clinical Toxinology Resources

The size of E. Consequently, the LD 50 values for Echis venoms differ significantly. Venom Anticoagulants Possibly present. Echis carinatus in MangaonMaharashtraIndia. Do not use Tourniquets, cut, suck or scarify the wound or apply chemicals or electric shock. This display is thought to have evolved as a means of limiting water loss, such as might occur nsake hissing.

Results of the Czech biological expedition to Iran. All members of this genus have a distinctive threat display, which involves forming a series edhis parallel, C-shaped coils and rubbing them together to produce a sizzling sound, rather like water on a hot plate.


The genus is recognized as medically significant in many tropical rural areas. Head is broad, flat, triangular shaped and distinct from neck.

The herpetofauna of the Sultanate of Oman: Darinatus rings or other jewellery on the bitten limb, especially on fingers, should be removed, as they may act as tourniquets if oedema develops. HR Cottle, Carinatuw Printer. Snake species of the world. Diversity, distribution and conservation of the terrestrial reptiles of Oman Sauropsida, Squamata.

The venom from this species is used in the manufacture of several drugs. It may also keep them from overheating too quickly, as there are only two points of contact with the hot surface in this form of locomotion.

Almost snaoe patients develop oliguria or anuria within a few hours to as late as 6 days post bite. If there will be considerable delay before reaching medical aid, measured in several hours to days, then give clear fluids by mouth to prevent dehydration.

Indeed, it is obtained not only through the purification of whole venom, [16] but also as a product of chemical synthesis.

Echis carinatus | The Reptile Database

Phylogeny, historical biogeography and systematics of the medically important viper genus Echis Squamata: Handbook of clinical neurology, vol 21 Genus Echisp. The Book of Indian Reptiles and Amphibians. Living Snakes of the World in Color.


Can you confirm crainatus amateur observations of Echis carinatus? Edition Chimaira, Terralog 15, pp. National Center for Biotechnology Information http: There is a crosslike figure on the top of the head. First aid for bites by Viperid snakes likely to cause significant local injury at the bite site see listing in Comments section. Echis carinatus is a venomous viper species found in parts of the Middle East and Central Asiaand especially the Indian subcontinent.

Accessed 21 September Die Sandrasselotter aus Pakistan, Echis carinatus sochureki subsp. Navy, to The head is relatively small and is short, wide, pear-shaped and distinct from the neck.

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Snakes of the World: The belly is whitish to pinkish, uniform in carinatuss or with brown dots that are either faint or distinct. Views Read Edit View history.

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