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An HRSG or heat recovery steam generator consists of four major Hamon Deltak has unmistakable expertise and proven designs in process boilers, both fired. Hamon Deltak (HDI), part of the Hamon Group since , designs and Hamon Deltak, Inc. is the only large HRSG company in the US with an on-site. Hamon Deltak, Inc. has had the opportunity to engineer and manufacture more than HRSGs in the last 40 years. From big to small, with different levels of.

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Research Cottrell Cooling, Inc. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Hamon Deltak has unmistakable expertise and proven designs in process boilers, both fired and unfired. Hamon Custodis xeltak completed the surgical demolition of a foot flare stack in the heart of an operating chemical plant on the Hesg Ship Channel. News Explosion Bonding Resources: With over 75 years of combined engineering and fabrication experience we aim to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

Site construction services consist of erection of the ESP and auxiliaries including electrical installation, thermal insulation, instrumentation, fireproofing, painting, startup, training, and commissioning services.

Our engineers have seen it all. The value of a properly executed CHP project is dictated by more than price alone. GEO The process of explosive cladding, or explosive metal welding, has been understood for decades.

The clamshell repair is designed for maintenance free operation until client’s next scheduled FCCU turn around. The experience our engineers at Hamon Deltak, Inc. HRSG systems can experience corrosion problems which decrease system reliability after several a few years of operation.

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The objective was to contain the leaking flue gas by installing an oversize fabric expansion joint over the existing failed joint. Each HRSG can have up to 3 pressure levels: Hamon Research-Cottrell has been awarded a turnkey project to design, furnish, construct and startup a new Dry Electrostatic Precipitator for a small refinery in Indiana.

With over units in over 50 countries, HDI has been a world leader in providing heat recovery solutions. Cross Flow Cooling Tower Rebuild: Dfltak of size or complexity, HDI can provide the best solution to give our customers the lowest lifetime cost on their project. CHP systems provide their greatest return on investment when energy usage from the waste heat boiler is maximized.

To avoid a costly shut down of the FCCU the repair needed to be performed while the unit remained online.

Heat Recovery

Let the most experience team in the industry deltai an optimal WHB design for your facility. Combined Heat and Power. Products Discover our products. Heat Recovery Waste heat boilers. An HRSG or heat recovery steam generator consists of four major components: A major US refinery contacted Valtech Engineering reporting a leak from a failed fabric expansion joint in flue gas ducting.

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This site uses cookies. Our shop has ASME “S” and “U” and NB “R” stamps to ensure quality while building your equipment, and rail access into the facility for easy and convenient transport to your facility. Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Material supply consists of the ESP and auxiliaries including HRC’s high reliability G-Opzel collecting plates, rigid spiked electrodes, support steel, access steel, stub stack and high frequency power supplies.

The expansion joints had broken hinge hardware supports that lead to bellows deformation and ultimately failure Coke Calcining Waste Heat Boiler. Hamon Deltak provides aftermarket support for urgent replacement parts through a manufacturing facility attached to its headquarters. Gabriel company Heat exchange repair and fabrication company GEO Heat Exchangers is expecting to be the hottest sales year in its year history.


CHP waste heat boilers are deltam longer off the shelf products. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your expansion joint reliability with inspections and status reports of your critical expansion joints. See how Valtech Engineering provided cost saving refurbishment options to purchasing new expansion joints Valtech Engineering worked together with a major European styrene monomer plant to refurbish a 42 inch diameter, three hinge expansion joint piping network.

John has many years of experience within the oil and gas industry managing sales of expansion bellows and similar products. Valtech Engineering was onsite to support a Texas refinery turnaround when the client discovered a damaged FCCU expansion joint.

Work had been started by another contractor who intended to replace the entire wood structure with fiberglass while the tower was on-line. When we qualify suppliers, we hold them to the same standards we hold our in-house shop in Minnesota to, so regardless of where your equipment is manufactured, the quality will always be up to standard.

The superheaters increase the steam temperature past the saturation point. Higher price per barrel periods were also marked with less efficiency and more construction delgak commissioning errors on projects.