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A CPGZ file is a Compressed UNIX CPIO Archive file. Learn how to open a. CPGZ file file, or how to convert CPGZ to PDF, ZIP, SRT, etc. I was emailed file that I really want to open but when I try to unzip it only creates file then or anotherzip. I’ve tried. Last night, I downloaded a zip archive of freely-distributed MP3 files, and when I double-clicked it to decompress it, all I got was file.

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How to Open a Zip File That Turns Into a CPGZ

He was attempting to download a zip file that was only available via BitTorrent. May 4, at It happens reliably when I create a. I use Stuffit to unzip and get the.

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How to Open a Zip File That Turns Into a CPGZ

Very frustrating, keep getting the. News – Beta 2 of iOS November 23, at 4: Terminal said the file was corrupt…. Visit other IDG sites: March 10, at 7: July 22, at If you downloaded the original file with Firefox, try Chrome or Safari, and vice versa.


I tried the Terminal workaround. However, it is not perfect and sometimes can show results which are not really usable because of how certain programs work with files and the possible conversion is thus actually not possible at all.

Anyone have better luck with this? Also, it does not appear in my applications folder, and I cannot locate it to delete it. June 11, at 3: Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Sep 11, 7: In the latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on the last disk s of this archive. You can either disable the automatic opening of “safe” files in the General Preferences section of Safari, or I also discovered that, even when you have the Preferences set to automatically unzip the files, you can override this by control-clicking on the file and choosing “Download Linked File as Mar 17, cpyz In my case, the original file was surely a PC user and the zipped extension is.


Thanks folks, the command line thing did the trick…not sure why the c;gz download does that.

Tried to open files xpgz BBEdit to see if there anything — the “copied file” displays nothing, not even gibberish I would have expected! Any suggestions about how I can delete this app when it does not appear in my applications folder? October 22, at 2: Stephen Kay Stephen Kay.

I’m downloading from a business website and it should work, but it’s probably created by a Windows zipper and not easily openable by cpzg [using Leopard] – this is the very first time this has happened.

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