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Please note: This form must be submitted with COP1. Section 1 – Type of application – A fee is payable per application (see COP44). This application relates. Applications to the court to start proceedings should be made by filing a COP1 application form, which should identify the applicant and the person lacking. What do I need to know about court forms and documents? What do . probably need to fill in these forms: COP1, COP2, and COP3. You will also need to fill.

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Read more about the Court of Protection. The following is a summary of Court of Protection forms that you might need to use when engaging with the Court of Protection. Grade B—solicitors and legal executives with over four years of post qualification experience.

Where a professional is appointed to act as deputy, they will be entitled to charge for their work carried out on behalf of P. Who can make decisions for someone who lacks capacity Elderly Care and Court of Protection blog — for news and articles Wealth, Health and Inheritance Briefing — view the latest edition and sign up for regular updates Contact a Court of Protection solicitor If you need advice about becoming a Court of Protection Deputy or help with completing Court of Protection forms call our specialist team of lawyers now on or contact us online.

A person may act as a litigation friend on behalf of any of the above persons, providing he can fairly and competently conduct proceedings on behalf of that person, and has no interests adverse to those of that person.

Deputyship: appointment | Practical Law

The hourly rates at which work can be charged by a professional deputy and their team are set by the court and apply to work carried out in four different categories of fee earner:. PD 9D contains examples of cases which may be suitable for the short procedure.


Stage 3 — Forms to be returned to the Court of Protection The applicant then needs cop1n send the following forms back to the Court: Skip to main content. Thank you for your feedback. The court has discretion to dispense with any requirement to serve a document and an application for an order to dispense with service may be made without notice.

Applications other than those mentioned in PD 12A may be dealt with by any judge. P, any party to the proceedings or any other person affected by an order made by an authorised court officer may apply to the court to have the order reconsidered by a judge.

Court of Protection, are available in this subtopic:. Application to register a lasting power of attorney and applying to the Court of Protection with an objection []. Court of Protection—reconsideration and appeals. Request an accessible format. Is this page useful?

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Deprivation of liberty applications []and. Court of Protection—permission to apply.

Deputyship: appointment

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The basic appeal structure in the Court of Protection is as follows:. Applications to the court to start proceedings should be made by filing a COP1 application form, which should identify the applicant and the person lacking capacity P and state the matter which the applicant wants the court to decide and the order the applicant is seeking.

This presumption may however be displaced where circumstances reasonably indicate that P’s family should not be notified and that others should be notified instead. Close no Doc overlay You have not selected a document.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. The number of forms to be completed and signed by various parties can be a daunting process. Costs and expenses in the Court of Protection. Email us email getintouch clarkewillmott. The powers of authorised court officers are however restricted. It may take a few minutes to reach its recipient s depending on the size of the document s. For further information on litigation friends and Rule 3A representatives in the Court of Protection, including the rules relating to the appointment and removal of litigation friends and who may act as a Rule 3A representative, see the Practice Note: You will also need to give them a copy of the original application form COP1 and then ask them to complete form COP5 which confirms their consent to the deputyship.


Find out how HM Courts and Tribunals Service uses personal information you give when you fill in a form. Ask us consultation Request a consultation. Our expert Court of Protection solicitors would be happy to help you complete these forms, or even submit them on your behalf. Guideline hourly rates are applied in bands depending on the location of the solicitor in question. Fillable pdf LexisSmart versions of the following Court of Protection forms are available in this subtopic:. For further guidance on the allocation of proceedings, see the Practice Note: The applicant should notify these persons as soon as practicable and in any event within 14 days of the date on which the application form was issued.

The applicant should file a form COP1 along with the court application fee. Alternatively, send us an email using the feedback icon in the toolbar below.