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Frederic Anthony Rzewski is an American composer and virtuoso pianist. His major compositions, which often incorporate social and political themes, include the minimalist Coming Together and the piano variations The People. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Attica / Coming Together / Les Moutons De Panurge on Discogs. Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge by Frederic Rzewski, released 10 October 1. Coming Together 2. Attica 3.

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The Incessant Noise: Frederic Rzewski – Coming Together

BTW, were you informed that this post was adapted into an UbuWeb page? When section C begins, the dynamic indication drops to subito piano — a subtle musical surprise to echo the textual one. It seemed that I was trying both to capture a sense of the physical presence of the writer, and at the same time to comong a hidden meaning from the simple but ambiguous language.

Performer Pages Noszferatu Contemporary music collective ensemble. The letter was subsequently published, first in rzewsko magazine, where it was read by Frederic Rzewski. This site uses cookies.

His major compositions, which often incorporate social and political themes, include the minimalist Coming Together and the piano variations The People United Will Never Be Defeated! I would love to hear the album in its entirety but none of the links work. Many of Rzewski’s works are inspired by secular and socio-historical themes, show a deep political conscience and feature improvisational elements.

The overall aural effect of the performance is one of a melody composed of constantly shifting timbres, initially individualized but increasingly blended. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thank you for posting this analysis. Retrieved Sep 3, This section needs expansion. It’s ridiculous that it’s never been re-released.

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Revealed one word or one phrase at a time, we are made to confront possible meanings without necessarily relying on the semantic chain rzrwski the sentence. Have you heard the version with the narration by rapper Mos Def, which was just posted on YouTube? I look forward to more. Rzewski also employs word painting techniques throughout the piece to further the unification process and musically express the emotionality involved in the procedure.

Coming Together (Rzewski, Frederic) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Taiwanese performance artist Sabiwa rzewskki warping bass, brittle beats, and shifting sample layers as the base for her charismatic vocals. Directions Inevitable or Otherwise”. Clark when asked how it felt to put Attica behind him. The piece is played voming by the Blackearth Percussion Group. In order to convey the stasis of the penitentiary environment, Rzewski restricts himself to a mere seven notes G1, Bb1, C2, D2, F2, G2, and Bb2arranged in a continuous stream of 16th notes in common time.

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Rzewski then creates phrases of increasing length by adding notes rzfwski the sequence one by one: It might be of interest to note a couple of details that are at variance with the most common versions of the historical background of the piece, as you and most commentators have encountered them.


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Rzewski began playing piano at age 5. These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.

Coming Together (Rzewski, Frederic)

Gradually the other instruments start to play faster until they’re all playing in a fast, tense unison. The piece ends abruptly as every member of the ensemble plays five low Nied 47 44 For full correspondences from Mr. Rzewski himself plays piano.

See appendix A for the full text, sentence order, and fragmentation. The second sentence is then removed as the remainder are recited, then the third, and so on. Does it mean anything like “being in a very close-knit in jail”? I have long been a great fan of Coming together but have always wondered what the title actually means Others questioned the incessant rhythm of the bass line.

Frederic Rzewski

You must select a collection to display. Which is togethed say: Work Title Coming Together Alt ernative. Rzewski’s “Coming Together” is unquestionably one of the great Minimalist masterpieces, and this first recording of it is absolutely incredibly amazing.

On the one hand, its musical materials are insultingly simple; on the other, the unceasing way in which they are recombined renders them unpredictably complex.