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When Mr Clunis came back for his first depot injection he also saw the SW Because of the last SW’s report she believed he had no history of. Investigation report in accordance with HSG (94) 27 and the NHS England . the Ritchie Inquiry which had been tasked with reviewing Mr Clunis’ care. The. According to his solicitor, Christopher Clunis, who was found guilty of Report suggests that because Clunis was black there was an undue.

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Clunis and his family seem to date the onset of his illness to this period. The resulting report approximates in scope to the public inquiry for which Jayne Zito originally pressed and also comes close to endorsing her explanation of the causes of the murder.

For example, his claims to have abused drugs were often taken on trust — the Ritchie Report suggests that because Clunis was black there was an undue willingness to believe that his illness was a drug-induced psychosis. Patients or their families may well object to the processes of labelling, and stigma will be reinforced. Like PC Sullivan, Gill denied that he had known who the man was when he gave evidence to the Inquiry, but a record of the conversation was entered in the relevant file.

T oday, figures from Manchester University suggest an average of 32 homicides a year are committed by schizophrenics – and organisations such as Hundred Families are campaigning for greater transparency in the aftermath of mental health homicides.

It is thought that perhaps ten to fifteen people with chronic severe illnesses, liable to relapse, is a reasonable caseload, but even formally documented demand does not generate additional resources. I talk about things that matter. Community nurses in areas like Hackney may thus accumulate fifty or more clients and crisis work overwhelms any continuing care.

BBC News | Health | Community care failures

On 6 May a nurse at Dulwich North noted that xlunis was carrying a cutlery knife around. There is a general reluctance in Parliament to spend time debating issues of mental health. That afternoon Ursula Robson, the duty Approved Social Worker — ASWs have training in mental health, and become involved if there is a possibility that a client will be committed — was given his file. Simple arithmetic shows that 20 divided by 8 makes 2. Its unsuitability, he added, meant that patients were discharged repor than they should have been.


Who Cares?

It takes twenty to twenty-five years for a new Act to come into force in this century,andpartly because of fears about civil liberty.

Because there was no space in the local hostel he was taken to one in Tulse Hill in South London, troublingly unfamiliar territory. Thus the Care Programme Approach insists that all individuals brought into hospital with severe mental illness should have their needs identified, a key worker nominated and an aftercare plan drawn up to deal with those needs.

Nothing else will have been achieved practically. The man chased the children in between the cars parked cluins the street, again waving a screwdriver.

Like Christopher Clunis, however, one has to have done something seriously dangerous to be the subject of such an order. An apology is a beginning, but it is not enough. Yet keeping someone stable in the community can only be guaranteed if regular medication is part of that process. Asylum care is no longer available, so they wander around the system, a stage army of troubled individuals, hiding in the woodwork so to speak, and re-emerging when their behaviour becomes socially unacceptable.

It was only after he was admitted to HMP Belmarsh that he was finally diagnosed with paranoid repory. It was not until the following June that Susan Parashar realised that the man who had frightened her was Christopher Clunis, on trial at the Old Bailey for murdering Jonathan Zito on the northbound Piccadilly Line platform at Finsbury Park tube station on 17 December T oday, dredging up ghosts that could have long been laid to rest, Zito speaks plainly, yet still struggles to find the words for what happened.

The cluns acute psychiatric wards of the inner city are sad reminders of their plight. She was only rarely informed of his discharge from hospital and no member of the family was ever contacted when he was compulsorily detained, despite their statutory right under the Mental Health Act.

As a result of the case they have announced a review of 10 homicides involving mental health patients dating back to The man, she said, had an appointment with them for 24 December; Gill seemed satisfied with this.


This approach is formalised under Section of the Mental Health Act, in which such meetings and plans are a statutory duty.

The next day one of the boys saw the man again, followed him home and went to the local police station and told them the address — Marlborough Road. Ex-patients who were once in hospital for many years, by contrast, require little in the way of support — perhaps a visit once a day to help keep a house tidy. The outdated nature of the Mental Health Act is well brought out in The Falling Shadowbut getting a new Act will be extraordinarily difficult.

He came back to England in when his father became ill. Mrs Parashar walked off with her dogs. But more dependent patients, with limited self-care skills, may require intensive help, perhaps up to eight carers for four patients.

Surrounded by all the detritus of family life with two teenage sons, it is a silent yet resounding reminder of her first husband, Jonathan Zito, who was stabbed to death by a paranoid schizophrenic at Finsbury Park tube station in London, 23 years ago, just months after they were married.

Of course, an acute psychiatric ward also has to have additional staff for the more disturbed patients, and requires medical and other support personnel, and one has to be prepared to take anyone for whom admission is required. Jayne Zito had worked with the mentally-ill and was on a postgraduate course in social work and social studies at Middlesex University when her husband was killed.

The man waved it around and then hit Bartlett on the bridge of the nose, probably with his fist. He had something in his hand; Bartlett thought it was a knife as it glinted in the streetlights, but then realised it was a screwdriver.

E vents reached their dreadful conclusion when Daley stabbed retired solicitor, 79 year-old Donald Lock, 39 times with a sheep-shearing knife in a frenzied assault after a minor car collision last July.