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bHIP Global Compensation Plan Three Easy Steps to Starting Your Business with BHIP Global STEP 1: ENROLL IN BHIP GLOBAL There is no product. All distributors are authorized to sell BHIP Global products and to participate in the BHIP Global Compensation Plan. All BHIP Global distributors may sponsor. BHIP Compensation Plan – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. BHIP Compensation Plan.

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Within the first 15 days of enrollment, you must order at least 42 BV in wholesale product and the Global Software System. You are commenting using your WordPress.

GL Leadership Rank Recap. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here An autoship with no paid order, an autoship that has gone co,pensation for any reason, or an autoship that has been deleted does not apply toward earning Leadership Rank.

Before joining any MLM company, you should know and use the products.

bHIP Compensation Plan ~ Opportunity

You will receive a six 6 week initial activation period for your first order of 20 BV or more. Advance to a Commissionable Rank: An RBC that has been activated will continue to hold and accumulate volume as long compejsation it remains active by meeting the minimum ongoing maintenance requirements. Thanks for dropping by bhipcambodiamlmsuccessexpert! In order to keep the products competitively priced at the retail level and to ensure a profitable wholesale to retail margin for our distributor base, we assign a point value called Bonus Compensatioh or BV to each of our products.


Any accumulated BV that remains unused after commissions have been calculated will carry forward for payment in future weeks as long as you remain active. PV point accumulation is ongoing from the moment you enroll in your RBC.

Uncategorized — Leave a comment. As a member, you can purchase each product at the wholesale price. I understand that it is a binary compensation plan and Independent bHIP Global business owners can earn money in 5 primary ways:.

For the novice or part-time earner, the income potential is completely up to you and how high you would love to go thru your daily business actions. Your opportunity is NOW.

In the event that an RBC does not meet and maintain the minimum requirements within the prescribed timeframe, any accumulated volume will be flushed and no commissions will be earned. But bHIP Pkan has offices also in: This is your personal sales volume and refers to the product orders that are processed through your RBC and credited to your Distributor ID number.

They must be running a tight ship. I found several online things that I compensatoin share. Jason Lee March 28, RBCs without product orders inactive or product orders that are not paid for within the prescribed time limits do not hold accumulated volume past the end of the weekly pay period in which they were generated. To maintain your Matching and Leadership Bonus qualifications status, simply maintain a product purchase of one 1 case of the Patagonian Maqui Juice every 4 weeks.

As your team members achieve higher and copmensation levels of income, you earn a matching bonus based on a percentage of their weekly binary income.


A Critical bHIP Global Review – Should You Join bHIP Global?

While there is no product purchase required, your business will probably grow and flourish more quickly if you are a satisfied product user and have product on hand to share with others.

There is no time limit to accomplish this. They ask that you send in your photos of your team participating in any event even if it is just a small exercise group. And will you please hit the share buttons and let others see this post?

It is compeneation exciting compensatipn earn while you can help others to success.

A Critical bHIP Global Review – Should You Join bHIP Global? | Unleashing The Alpha Networker

According to bHIP Global founders, husband and wife Terry and Jen LaCore who both have years of experience in prior network marketing companies, they wanted to build a MLM company that can withstand economic tidal waves while have its core values intact. They have been in operation nearly 10 years, as they started operations in Once that adjustment percentage is determined, that is the percentage of dilution that would be applied uniformly to all commission levels to determine actual commission payments by rank in that commission week.

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