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Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest (walkthrough). Walkeekie; 33 videos; 54, views; Last updated on Jun 2, Walkthrough of “Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest”. Play all. AVEYOND BUILD B WALKTHROUGH – mandatory quests. NOTE: THIS When Rhen sleeps, there is a cut scene showing the Dark Lord Ahriman. He is still. At this point, the main quest for the game begins. You must Have Lars cast while Rhen and Elini just do the worst damage they can with their most powerful spells. the child you picked up in New Witchwood if you followed this walkthrough.

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The Nightingale is still in the same tree in aveyojd same clearing in which we saw it before imagine that. For more information about the main quest, please see the Aveyond Strategy Guide, which contains a thorough walkthrough of the entire game and information about all of the items in the game.

She will rush off to rejoin him, dropping a Key on her throne. Enter the Temple and talk to Oyane if you like, then head back to the two Priestesses guarding the Statue.

Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

The Mithril Rapier is a very strong weapon for Pirate John but of course the elven rapier is the best onewhile the Red Demon Summon is a summon spell for Elini that allows her to attack the entire enemy party with a low Mana usage. Now where have we seen fire before? The man standing there will then tell you about the Peninsula Trade Route, and what is required to enter it.


You will see some kids picking flowers. Enjoy more dialogue, and then follow his instructions Your room is on the first floor of the Academy – enter the courtyard, then go to the left door and search the rooms one by one.

When you wake up in your room, read the note on your desk. My brother is driving me insane!

This walkthroigh gives you gold pennies each time you talk to it!!! This path serves only to guide the players to the daeva in the most direct way. When you do make it to the Color Puzzle room, read the plaques above the empty block holders to get clues about which block is to be placed in each.

This goodie is included in the later part of the game and need not be downloaded.

Remember to choose wisely!! A wind will blow and move the boat to the near shore. After traveling through the world of Aveyond, Rhen and company have finally gathered the eight druids together in the Sun Zveyond. Now follow the path and you will see a field and an elderly woman. Enter the door and you will be in a short tunnel which opens into the Peninsula, where Sedona, Dirkon, and the Thieves Caves are.

The Dizzy Doll works the same way the Sleep Flute does, except that it inflicts the Dizzy status onto your enemies. The runes help you to travel from one area to the other without the need for any vehicle, anytime, from anywhere.

In one house you will see a torch burning on a back wall. In the jungle, go northwest until you reach the overworld. One of them leads to the Waterfall Caves, where you will find a bone on the ground. Go waltkhrough and to bed on the left. After you pass Teacup town, go north to the temple.


Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

She will give you an important quest: You will trigger a side-quest walthrough you have already visited the thieves hideout. In earlier gamefiles, the Crypt maze is more difficult and much longer. Before you leave the attic, search each spider that you killed for goodies.

Put on your school uniform. Rhen’s Quest Search In. You will find yourself between two locked doors and in front of two switches. In the wilderness, avoid the snakes at all cost.

Your dad will ask you to talk to your mother.

Aveyond Walkthrough and Cheats |

He sells you as a slave. Now go to the Items junk shop, and the Bottle will be available … finally! You then also receive a shovel, and find the Boat Dealer a wife here. Leave your house and go east across the first bridge.

Once you get give it to the thieves and you will get the information you need. One of the wonderful things in Aveyond is that you can fhen anytime, walkthrouh, so make liberal use of that save often, and in multiple slots. Rhen can attack and use spells. If you have trouble and you might if you entered Shadwood at a very low levelyou can buy and equip a practice sword and armor, if you can afford it.